What We Do

We help our clients realize their business goals.

Experiential Promotions

Wrens has executed a plethora of experiential marketing activations for various brands across the country. They include; Safari Iceberg, Grants’ Whisky, Red Bull, Flirt Vodka, KWV Wines, FAXE, MacMohan Whisky amongst others.

Event Plugins

Our event marketing team leaves a lasting, brand focused impression of fun by grabbing the attention of the audience. We seek to provide an experience that will resonate in their minds for a long time.

Outlet Listing & Seeding

Our Field Marketing Team is well drilled on the internal dynamics of the market. We enhance the diffusion process and encourage faster adoption of the product throughout the entire population. Safari Iceberg, RedBull, FlirtVodka, and KungFu Energy are some of the products we have helped introduce to the scene. Outlet Listing & Seeding


Each of our promotional campaigns involves the design of unique Brand Ambassador uniform that represents the brand personality. This helps bring out the brand attributes during interactions with consumers. Branding

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